Looking Back at 30 Years of My Life

As many of you noticed, recently I have reached very respectable age of 30 years. Think about it, if we were living in the Stone Age, I would likely be dead by now.

Luckily for me our life quality is so high that we actually look better with age. For instance, look at my hair just a year ago and now:

With and without a wig

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Dave Eggers’ “The Circle”


The book revolves around the power of the social media and the Internet. It describes what can happen in its extreme, when the whole world gradually and voluntarily becomes interconnected, everything becomes shared instantly within the Circle. At the end people have little time to live the life. They are too busy sharing, sending smiles, frowns and commenting  because of a need for constant appreciation.

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The vestigial grasp of infants

Very educational and entertaining post. Highly recommended!

Why Evolution Is True

In WEIT there is a chapter on vestigial traits, defined as those traits that are evolutionary remnants of features useful in an ancestor, but now either useless or used in a different way.  The paradigmatic case is, of course, the appendix, the remnant of a caecal pouch used to digest leaves and vegetation in our ancestors. But behaviors can be vestigial, too.  One such behavior is the “grasping reflex” of human infants.  When you put your finger into the palm of an infant, it will immediately and securely grasp it.  The grasp is so tight that it’s sometimes hard to make the kid let go!  It is said — though I have never seen this demonstrated — that up to a couple months of age a baby can hang suspended from a horizontal stick for several minutes.

The grasping reflex is evident in the feet, too. If you put your…

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